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Mobile home insurance is the same as homeowners insurance for site-built homes. It covers loss from fire, theft, and liability for injuries and property damage. Three types of coverage are included in most standard policies:


General coverage insures the dwelling against damage from fire and water damage (not flood damage, though – that is a separate policy) and is based on the value of the structure itself, not the land.


Personal property protection covers loss from damage to personal belongings (theft coverage may or may not be included in this).


Liability coverage protects you and family members in the event someone is injured while on your property.

In addition, a good policy will include a loss of use section that reimburses the homeowner for expenses incurred if the dwelling becomes unlivable. Costs for hotel stays, food, clothing, and boarding of pets tend to be included in this. Finally, an emergency removal section should be available. This pays a negotiated amount for the costs associated with moving the manufactured home when required by the insuring company due to loss.


Mobile Home Insurance Costs

Policy needs will vary from situation to situation, and what is covered or not covered does have an impact on premiums. The cost for the policy, however, is directly influenced by variables beyond the control of the homeowner. If the dwelling is in area with a noticeable high crime rate, is in an area that floods frequently, or is threatened by tornadoes or hurricanes, higher premiums can be expected. Despite these uncontrollable factors, there are some mobile home insurance tips for homeowners that can help offset or mitigate those factors (other than living elsewhere).

  • Properly insulate the structure. This reduces the chances of pipes freezing and bursting and causing water damage. It also lowers the costs associated with heating and cooling, thereby freeing up additional funds to help pay the premium.
  • Secure the structure to the ground with tie-downs or ground stakes, lessening the chances of it tipping over or dislodging from its foundation in high winds.
  • Buy a manufactured home constructed after 1976, when HUD standards for design, fire resistance, energy efficiency, and overall construction quality went into effect.

As with conventional homeowners insurance, manufactured or mobile home insurance premiums are also affected by other factors: the breed of dog you have, hot tubs, trampolines, pools, decks, and patios. Be sure to read the policy carefully for exclusions and limitations, and adjust accordingly.


Purchasing a Mobile Home Insurance Policy

When looking for a policy, contact several carriers. Everyone offers different things, and have different rates for different combinations and deductibles in the policy. By working with a reputable insurance carrier, you can take these mobile home insurance tips and create a policy that protects and covers your home and property while keeping premiums reasonable.


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